Dark Foreign Shows On Netflix That Are Worth The Binge

Do you want to travel foreign lands, but can not due to the coronavirus pandemic? Netflix has a solution. It has a bunch of foreign series that will take you on a journey to another country. There are some popular series everyone is talking about, and there are a handful of shows which are good but have not gained much popularity. When we are looking to binge-watch a new show, it should be worth investing the time. Netflix has a massive list of foreign shows, like Dark, which is a German show and revolves around missing children. The show has three seasons with 26 episodes. Dark has received great appreciation from critics and as well as audiences.

Another great hit was the Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel (Money Heist). The creator intended to keep it a limited series of two seasons. But the success rate of the shows inspires the team to run the show for four seasons. The series is the most-watched show on Netflix, whose fifth season is expected to be released in 2021. The following are a few lists of mystery shows that you can watch on Netflix and travel countries like Britain, Belgium, and Finland through it.


Deadwind is a Finnish crime drama TV series created and directed by Rike Jokela. The series stars Lauri Tilkanen, Pihla Viitala, Jani Volanen, and Tommi Korpela. Deadwind premiered in Finland on Yle TV2 in March 2018 and on Netflix in August 2018. The show’s plot revolves around a detective of the Finnish police, Sofia Karppi, who is recently widowed with her two children in her 30s. She returned to her work in Helsinki and got her first case of the murder of a social affairs consultant, Anna Bergdahl. The first season received wide appreciation from critics. And the second season premiered on Yle TV on 5 April 2020 and Netflix on 1 July 2020. The show is an easy binge with two seasons, with 12 episodes in the first one and eight in the second.


Safe is a British drama TV mini-series created by famous crime author Harlan Coben, co-wrote the screenplay with Danny Brocklehurst. The show is set in England, produced by Canal+, and distributed by C8 in France. The shoot of the Safe started in Liverpool. Manchester, and Cheshire in July 2017. It consists of eight episodes that premiered on 10 May 2018 in 190 countries. The plot revolves around an Englishman, Tom Delaney (played by Michael C. Hall), who is a pediatric surgeon and a widowed father of two teenage daughters. He tries to connect with his daughters as they are still in the grief of losing their mother. And later his 16- year old Jenny goes missing. Tom uncovers a web of secrets to search her and find horrible truths about his friends and neighbors. Safe is a perfect show to binge-watch if you are looking for a twisted plot. The drama is just eight hour-long episodes, so you can easily cover the whole series on weekends. It is Coben’s first drama that made its way to Netflix in May 2018.

The Stranger

The Stranger is a British mystery thriller series based on the novel of the same name by author Harlan Coben in 2015. Danny Brocklehurst writes the screenplay of the series. The mini-series premiered on 30 January 2020 on Netflix. The show stars Siobhan Finneran, Richard Armitage, and Hannah John-Kamen and is shot in Manchester. The plot follows a mysterious woman who is The Stranger, played by Kamen. The woman knows everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets and uses the information to get what she needs. Later in the story, when she approaches a man whose wife recently goes missing, the investigator started a search operation against the unknown woman. And many more answers come to the surface.

The Five

The Five is a British mystery thriller mini-series created by author Harlan Coben and co-wrote with Danny Brocklehurst. The series stars O. T. Fagbenle, Lee Ingleby, Tom Cullen, and Sarah Solemani. The plot revolves around four childhood friends Danny, Mark, Slade, and Pru. They reunited and left DNA evidence at a murder scene, which revealed that Mark’s younger brother disappeared twenty years ago while playing in the park with the four friends. The show broadcast on Sky1 on 15 April 2016. It consists of ten episodes and releases two episodes each week. The Five is set in Westbridge’s fictional town and filmed in Liverpool, Runcorn, and Wirral.

The Break

The Break is a French-language Belgian crime drama TV series directed by Matthieu Donck and produced by Anthony Rey. It broadcast on 21 February 2016 on RTBF’s La Une. It premiered on Netflix on 29 August 2016 in the United States and 21 December 2016 in Canada. Season 2 of the show premiered on 11 November 2018 in Belgium and released on Netflix on 9 February 2019. The series was initially titled La Treve and took place in a small village with many secrets. A police detective moves to the village with his daughter and soon gets involved with a murder investigation. When the boy’s body was found from the river initially, it is believed to be a suicide, but the detective doubts it as a murder. There is so much in the series to discover. The above are some mini-series that you can watch on your weekends and spend your time with mind-twisting mystery series.

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