Is It Possible to Draw Shapes Directly to the Brain to Help Visually Impaired Folks?

Scientists are finding ways to give sight to the bling people by drawing different shapes on their brains directly. A team of researchers from the Baylor and University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA has developed a procedure that might draw symbols like shapes and letters directly to the human brain. The procedure includes electrical stimulation that will help the blind person in several ways. According to them, the result of this experiment will help those individuals who have lost their vision entirely and find difficulty in identifying or perceiving the shapes due to lost vision.

It is the new procedure in which electricity is used on the optic nerve that bypasses the human eye. By following this procedure, the researcher can implant those electrodes at the visual cortex, which is located at just the back of your brain. It involves a dynamic procedure, and instead of sending the information regarding the completely formed letter, researchers try to send the letter directly to your brain too, in quick succession.

You will get the video on the internet. A report is presented by the science news that shows how the brain receives input correctly and interprets the result by making any shape or figure drawn in front of them on a screen.

Basically, it runs on a principle like you are writing something or a note on your friends back with your finger. It was a type of game that most of the individuals from the 90’s had played in their childhood. In this game, you wrote something on someone’s back, and they used to tell you that what you have written. Similarly, in this procedure, there is no need to send all the shapes of the electrolytes to the brain for perceiving any situation correctly. For example, a letter U will convey all the information that you want to convey them through that particular way.

For accomplishing this research, they have tested their system on four normal and two blind subjects, or you can say that people. Individuals who were part of this testing already had brain implants as the therapy for epilepsy. Epilepsy is a disorder in which the nerve cell of the brain got disturbed and may cause seizures. It can be the result of a genetic disorder that may lead to brain injury, severer trauma, and stroke. During the seizures, the person may experience abnormal behavior, unknown symptoms, and sometimes the individuals get unconscious. Through medications, this situation can be treated easily, and in rare cases, the individual may need surgery or other medication. Those four normal people who were part of this testing must have undergone the therapy for this disorder.

The result of this test was staggering, and the individuals involved in these tests are perceiving messages with the accuracy of the 80 – 93 percent, which is a great thing. Besides, other staggering things is that they managed to identify around 86 correct answers per minute. It’s such a great thing that the individuals are getting an outstanding level of rapid information that could lead to the complete revolution for visually impaired individuals.

Just imaging that sensors that are placed in public places can help or alert the visually impaired individuals. This innovation can help the blind individual in several ways, from crossing roads or streets to buying groceries from the store without any assistance. It will become possible with the help of electrical suggestions given by those chips.

While researchers just tested simple shapes and letters like C and Z and there are plenty of things that can be done, and plenty of testing and research is required with the numbers, arrows, letters, and many more.

Meanwhile, this technology is under the experimental stage and needs more advancement to help the visually impaired individuals. No doubt, this step is pretty much good, and they are doing their research in the right direction.

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