How do I activate McAfee total protection with product key?

To protect your system and data from cyber threats, download and install McAfee antivirus. In order to get McAfee installed on your device, first find your McAfee activation code. Whenever you visit, it asks you to enter a valid activation code. You can locate this unique key in your registered email if you have purchased the McAfee program online. In other cases, it is printed on the retail card that comes inside the package.  

How to Download McAfee

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The most convenient way to download McAfee software to your device is through the site. Let’s follow these instructions to make it happen:

  1. First, you need to open an internet browser. 
  2. Then, you should enter into the URL bar.
  3. After that, you should click the My Account option. 
  4. Then go to Sign in link. 
  5. Now you need to first log in to your account. Alternatively, you can create a new account. 
  6. Once you have logged in, you need to choose the Device type that you want to safeguard with McAfee.  
  7. Then pick the security product that you wish to install to your device since McAfee provides several different security software. 
  8. Once you have selected the product, you will have to find the Download link. 
  9. When you see the Download button, click it. 
  10. Follow the prompts on your browser to quickly start downloading the file.
  11. You will see a serial number on your screen for your product. You can keep it safe aside with you because we will need it soon. 
  12. Wait until the download reaches 100%. 
  13. Now close the browser and the McAfee Activate portal. 
  14. Voila, you have downloaded the McAfee installer successfully.  

How to Install McAfee

Once you have downloaded the McAfee software, you can begin the installation process with it. You don’t have to use the site in order to perform the installation process. Here’s how to install McAfee with the help of recently downloaded installer file:

  1. First and foremost, open the File Explorer on your device.  
  2. Then navigate to the Downloads folder. 
  3. In there, you should find the McAfee exe file that you downloaded a moment ago from 
  4. Once you see it, make a right-click on it. 
  5. Select the Run as administrator option from the drop-down. 
  6. Hit the Yes option when the installer asks. 
  7. Now you have approved the McAfee installer to make changes to your computer files, and your installer is ready to be used. 
  8. Read the license agreement. 
  9. Accept the agreement. 
  10. Once that completes, click Next
  11. Now choose the installation path and press Next
  12. Then press on the Install button to trigger the installation process.
  13. Carefully observe the installation progress bar. 
  14. Once it fills 100%, you can confidently tap the Finish button to close the installer window. 
  15. Now restart your device.

How to Activate McAfee

Now that you have finished two initial major sequences, you are only a step away from using your newly installed product. Follow the quick guidelines mentioned down here.

  1. Firstly, run the newly installed McAfee program with the recently appeared shortcut icon.  
  2. Then head to Your Subscription. You will find it inside the My Info tab in the home screen of McAfee security programs.  
  3. After that, click the Edit Profile button. 
  4. You will now see the site on the screen asking you about your account details to log in.
  5. You should quickly provide these details and press the Next button. 
  6. Type the 25-character McAfee activation code.
  7. Then you will need to follow the instructions on your screen to complete the activation process. 
  8. Once you have claimed your subscription, you should click the Verify Subscription option. 
  9. Now the site would automatically link your account to the installed product. 
  10. Hold on until the verification process wraps up.

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